"Reactor idle is a game where you can build power plants,keep heat production under control and convert it to power for a lot of money."  -Baldurans

Starting with only $1, you can be a millionaire, billionaire, even a TRILLIONAIRE. Buy land and start building a huge power empire, NOW!

Game example

Components Edit

When in a power plant, on the left side is a list of components. When you first open the game the only component you will have is the Wind Turbine. To gain more components you have to buy them under the Research tab.

Power Plants Edit

Power plants serve as the location of the components. Some are very expensive relative to the current power plant because of their size.

Research Tab Edit

With enough research points, you can buy more components and even speed up ticks. The research tab is in the top tool bar.

Upgrade Tab Edit

To make money you have spend some, this tab is for all the items you can upgrade with money to increase the efficiency or increase the lifespan.